Command line arguments

I’m having speed issues and it seems Citra is not using the full capability of my computer (in other words, Citra is limiting what it can use). are there any command line arguments, configs, etc I can use to either remove these limits or raise them?

Can’t comment on speed unless you state your PC specifications, the Citra version and settings. A CPU with high single-core performance and along with the hardware renderer update, a dedicated GPU are recommended for best performance. The default settings are the best settings for Citra.

I’m not asking about how to fix my speed issues (which I’ve fixed somehow), I’m asking about any sort of external config stuff I could possibly use

Use for what? Removing limits. You’ll have to be a bit more specific.

If you’re referring CPU cores, Citra only uses one core. Multi-core is something that is hard to implement. As for CPU. GPU and memory, Citra doesn’t even use that much. If you’re getting full speed already, why would you care about wanting Citra to use more.

command line arguments example
“c:\path\to\exe\program.exe” -this -andThis -alsoThis
these would be used in a shortcut file for example

citra -h would list the arguments available for CItra. Hint, there are no arguments for what you’re asking for.

ok. I already checked the files for any sort of external config and found nothing there either. thx tho

The configuration files are in the user directory.