Compare Hardware and Speed

This thread is mainly here for people to mention what results they are getting with specific pieces of hardware and certain games. For example, I have a Radeon HD 6670, and with that, while playing Pokémon Moon with the most recent build compatible with Windows (approx. 21 hours ago), in the outdoor section, with ride mons, and the native resolution, my framerate is hovering from the 37% to the 41% mark mostly, with transitions to different locations being a bit closer to 50%. I will test other games and doing different things in these games and let you know what results I get. Feel free to share your results. This is just out of curiosity to see if other people are getting similar results or if better graphics cards make things faster.

Also, on a side note, is it possible to have the music play separately from everything else? The audio is slowed down in such a horrible way that I have to turn my speakers off before using it.

You will be able to see similiar hardware and reported speeds on games in an update coming to the Compatibility List [soon]. FYI.