Compatible and simplified QR codes for CITRA (Pokémon USUM)


Hi guys, I do not know where to publish my archive, so I share Citra users with you:
On the web I did not find the QR codes of Pokémon USUM for citra, ie the codes are there, but you have to change each QR code to allow the game to read them correctly, so today I dedicated myself to create QR codes simplified for Citra, just load the 'image and click on R, or touch the screen, read the QR in 1 instant, have fun with the scanner for the Pokemon islands of USUM :slight_smile:

  • First read the “readme” text file in the folder where there are QR codes *

You can download the ZIP folder directly through Google Drive:


Switch the region in EUR for Meagerna and Ash Pikachu.
Sorry bad english.

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thaaaaaaank you sooooo much I was struggling the whole evening to make them work but to no avail, thank you so much you’re such a great person for doing this


oh and impressive work might I add thanks again :smiley:


by the way I found a collection on imgur with more than 472 QR code if you’re interested I could send you the link


send, then I’ll see :3


Great! but can you do the oras version with blissey lv 100 ones,i will be really grateful if you can do it.


of course, I will also do ORAS, but when I come back to play, because I have to complete USUM again.

but I did it 1, tell me if it works, if it works, I’ll do the remaining 11 QR of Blissey.



It works!!! please do the remaining 11 codes.Thank you :heart_eyes:


hello here I have 6 more Blissey (the number 1 is what I have already given you, you let me know if they all work? if they work, I will do the remaining 5 QR)

this is an example (I have also adopted a new look!)

try to share and sponsor this thread so that it reaches everyone


Its working!!! please make other 5


How do you switch region?


Configure -> Emulation -> General tab -> Region.


thank you for answering my place <3


Hi Astray

Thank you for the QR Codes but when i try the ash pikachu code the code won’t scan
and it’s the same with the special megearna code


has any one made images like this for other games?
i am looking for a image that yo kai watch yo kai cam will let me snap,
the closeest i have come is it turning blue and showing wait.


Could you please help me how to scan QR Code
Thank you very much


Please reference this guide about the Citra Camera and QR Codes.


@eloeri Stop linking this thread, this doesnt help at all.

For me its not working, neither nightly build or canary build. When i choose a picture, the speed goes down to 3%.
Im using a different version of citra for the camera feature, but on that emulator i cant play the game on 500%.

So i am looking for a build where i can play the game on fast speed + camera is working. Dont know why camera is not working at all on all latest releases.

Currently playing the game with 500% on “Citra Nightly 1066” and using the camera feature on “master-d030931c-dirty”


saying “it doesn’t help at all” doesn’t clear up anything. you need to tell us what you tried, maybe a screenshot of your settings, and your log when you watched your speed drop. Just saying “i did that and it slowed down” doesn’t give us enough information to fix your problem. and no, that slow down is not expected nor is it common, so its something we’d like more info about so we can fix it.


How do you switch the region? Also, which QR code is for the Pikachu valley Ash Pikachu?