Compatible and simplified QR codes for CITRA (Pokémon USUM)

Configure -> Emulation -> General tab -> Region.


thank you for answering my place <3

Hi Astray

Thank you for the QR Codes but when i try the ash pikachu code the code won’t scan
and it’s the same with the special megearna code

has any one made images like this for other games?
i am looking for a image that yo kai watch yo kai cam will let me snap,
the closeest i have come is it turning blue and showing wait.

Could you please help me how to scan QR Code
Thank you very much

Please reference this guide about the Citra Camera and QR Codes.

@eloeri Stop linking this thread, this doesnt help at all.

For me its not working, neither nightly build or canary build. When i choose a picture, the speed goes down to 3%.
Im using a different version of citra for the camera feature, but on that emulator i cant play the game on 500%.

So i am looking for a build where i can play the game on fast speed + camera is working. Dont know why camera is not working at all on all latest releases.

Currently playing the game with 500% on “Citra Nightly 1066” and using the camera feature on “master-d030931c-dirty”

saying “it doesn’t help at all” doesn’t clear up anything. you need to tell us what you tried, maybe a screenshot of your settings, and your log when you watched your speed drop. Just saying “i did that and it slowed down” doesn’t give us enough information to fix your problem. and no, that slow down is not expected nor is it common, so its something we’d like more info about so we can fix it.


How do you switch the region? Also, which QR code is for the Pikachu valley Ash Pikachu?

Also, just a suggestion, could you add the shiny versions?

Hi I’m having the same issue. i have tried the @choi_choi method but doesn’t seems to work. currently I’m trying to get a shiny axew using qr codes after 740 dexnav chaining…

merrrrrci mec c’est trop cool

5 special QR codes. They give you 20 points instead of the usual 10. They are not as pretty as @Astray’s.

Special Stufful

Special Mimikyu

Special Lapras

(Apparently I can post only 3 images in a post)

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Special Dhelmise

Special Bagon

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no Charmander? :frowning:

Do you have the QR code for Litwick

It doesn’t work for me, the camera is black… I’m playing pokemon moon

I can’t qr in my Citra could you help me please I am playing ultra sun I am trying a couple of days but I can’t do it

hey. Can i just ask if these QR codes are the actual original codes that work on normal 3ds or are they specially exclusive for only Citra? Thanks!