Compatible and simplified QR codes for CITRA (Pokémon USUM)

Also, just a suggestion, could you add the shiny versions?

Hi I’m having the same issue. i have tried the @choi_choi method but doesn’t seems to work. currently I’m trying to get a shiny axew using qr codes after 740 dexnav chaining…

merrrrrci mec c’est trop cool

5 special QR codes. They give you 20 points instead of the usual 10. They are not as pretty as @Astray’s.

Special Stufful

Special Mimikyu

Special Lapras

(Apparently I can post only 3 images in a post)

Special Dhelmise

Special Bagon

no Charmander? :frowning:

Do you have the QR code for Litwick

It doesn’t work for me, the camera is black… I’m playing pokemon moon

I can’t qr in my Citra could you help me please I am playing ultra sun I am trying a couple of days but I can’t do it