Compiling Bleeding Edge on Linux?

I’m not sure if this is the right subforum, but the compiler has an error related swrasterizer/lighting.cpp

/home/khangaroo/gitstuff/citra-bleeding-edge/src/video_core/swrasterizer/lighting.cpp:247:30: error: converting to ‘std::tuple<Math::Vec4<unsigned char>, Math::Vec4<unsigned char> >’ from initializer list would use explicit constructor ‘constexpr std::tuple<_T1, _T2>::tuple(_U1&&, _U2&&) [with _U1 = Math::Vec4<unsigned char>&; _U2 = Math::Vec4<unsigned char>&; <template-parameter-2-3> = void; _T1 = Math::Vec4<unsigned char>; _T2 = Math::Vec4<unsigned char>]’

Full log:

The building setup I use works completely fine on the regular Citra repository. The only difference being that I cloned the citra-bleeding-edge repo’s bleeding_edge branch. Has anyone successfully compiled the current version on Linux?

bleeding edge hasn’t updated since this was fixed, so you can either patch it yourself or wait until the next bleeding edge comes out (spoilers it might be a bit since we are replacing it soon i hope)

you can just edit the line that its complaining about to say return std::make_tuple(diffuse, specular);