Compiling Citra Canary problem for macOS

I used to type: git clone --recursive --branch bleeding-edge-463

However bleeding-edge is no more and they are now Citra Canary.

I want to compile Citra Canary and I type this:

git clone --recursive -b citra-canary
Cloning into ‘citra-canary’…
fatal: Remote branch citra-canary not found in upstream origin
username-MBP:~ username$

What did I do wrong ?

git clone --recursive -b master

This works fine for me?

This works fine for me. Thanks! Make a note. Cheers.

canary has mac releases use those instead of compiling yourself

Thanks but nah. I like to compiling it myself and as I said already above. Compiled it works fine for me. Just make some adjust on my note, thought. :slight_smile:

um sure. but the whole reason you started compiling was because bleeding edge wasn’t available on mac… and then we make bleeding edge available on mac (now called canary) and then you don’t want it anymore lol

this is only a part of whats getting added. we are also adding an installer and updater. we are looking for mac testers, but we need someone with a mac to build the installer first lol

i need citra work on mac please help me

LOL! I like bleeding edge over Citra Canary for some reasons but I am keeping both for now along with compiling them too. Bleed Edge was the last version to compiled number 463.

I am willing to build the installer and a mac tester. Just tell me what to do. I will try my best. :smiley:

Click citra-osx-20170907-ea43022.7z or citra-osx-20170907-ea43022.tar.gz. :slight_smile:

i don’t think you realize that canary is the exact same thing that bleeding edge is. Lemme show you: is the link to see what changes are merged to both bleeding edge and canary that are currently in review for nightly. Both bleeding edge and canary read this list and make a build with those included. Canary is also getting an installer and an updater that works on win/mac/linux and going forwards bleeding edge will no longer be updated.

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Ahh. I see… Thank you! Much appreciate that.

Still, I am keeping the latest bleeding edge for one good reason: A graphic works better for Super Mario 3D Land. A Canary have graphic issues for Super Mario 3D Land.

You just mentioned: canary is missing a hack that was in bleeding edge that fixed those graphical issues in some games. discussion about what the right fix is going on right now.

So I am keeping it until canary resolve the issues for Super Mario 3D Land graphic issues then I will delete bleeding edge. :smiley:

the graphics fix is back up for review right now. it should get merged this time. watch and when thats merged you can stop using bleeding edge.

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Thank you, jroweboy. I will stop using bleeding edge when its become available.

However, I know mac version still have a issues about out of memory, correct ?