Complete pokedex in XY/ORAS/SM/USUM

Is it possible to complete the pokedex in one of this game without cheating or at least using pkhex only for trade pokemon from 6 to 7 generation game? (i can trade with citra)

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youll have to use pkhex

Seems you are wrong. Diploma and shiny charm can be obtained. You can mix x/y and or/as to complete these games.
And s/l/us/ul between their double.
You don’t need pokemon event to complete pokedex.
I hope this is true.

You can’t trade gen 6 with gen 7. But I believe you can complete the Dex by trading xy with oras.

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Yes. But for complete sun and moon you shouldn’t need to trade gen 6 with gen 7. But however to use pkhex for trading is not cheating. I am not sure about ultrasun and ultramoon.

How can you trade with citra ?

I made a guide in italian…somewhere
Do you speak italian?