Confused on how to use Citra for an emulator

Hello so I am trying to use Citra for a Ultra Moon Emulator and it is so confusing and I don’t know how to make it work since it is a zip file can someone please help me

Usually the easiest way to use Citra is to use the installer and install nightly / canary. A description of both are on our downloads page.

Then from there you’ll see it in your start menu.

If you really want to use the manual download, just extract the zip file and run citra-qt.exe

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When I get back from school in a couple hours I will definitely try my best to figure it out thanks for the help!

You’re saying it’s a .zip file, so you have to extract all the files of it in a folder, and then open “citra-qt.exe”

So I don’t understand how to extract it and I am annoyed

You will need special software to extract files from .zip archives. 7-Zip is the most common.

.zip files can be extracted in windows explorer

So once it gets extracted how do I make it a .3ds file?

You’re extracting the emulator. The game needs to be dumped seperately (you need to have a 3DS for Citra)

Do you think there’s like a tutorial?

You need to have a real 3DS with homebrew in it to extract your 3DS games. And yes, you can found the tutorials in the Citra website.