Connection Lost when trying to join people in Public lobbies

I’m trying to do multiplayer with Citra (on the same computer) but regenerating the console ID isn’t working. When I go to settings and press regenerate and save, it just goes back to DEADC0DE. Nothing appears in the log when selecting Regenerate or saving. Thanks in advance!

Operating System: Windows 10 Home
CPU: Intel Core i5-6200U
GPU: Intel HD 520
Citra Version HEAD-9f88420

Guess: Follow this part of the FAQ? The console ID regeneration message box mentions something about the config savegame.

Nope, didn’t work.

Does it mean updating or a fresh install? Because I’m already updated to the latest.

I found a solution actually, I renamed the user folder to something random, changed the console ID, then renamed the user folder back to “user”

(didn’t want to start a new thread)
Multiplayer works between my other computer through the same connection, but when someone tries to battle me in a public lobby it immediately says “connection lost” . They show up in the Festival Plaza, though. (Pokemon Ultra Sun)

I’m gonna try to join an empty public lobby and battle myself and see what happens
Yeah, that worked, I have no idea what the problem is