Consistent Crash Point in Xenoblade Definitive

When the player character uses an art specifically on an enemy, yuzu fully crashes. This has happened in all versions of yuzu that ive used, and is not new, if that helps determining the cause (I first mentioned it here: Funky graphics and consistent crash point in Xenoblade Chronicles definitive edition - #13 by Lynxano)
yuzu_log.txt (531.2 KB)

this does NOT happen with auto attacks or the computer controlled party, and is consistent across various party members, and it doesn’t need to be an attacking art, it can be something like a non hitting art like an aura:

System Information for Support

Client Version                                yuzu Development Build master-mainline-636-6676-gfb9b5898b-dirty
Operating System                              Manjaro Linux
CPU                                           AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core Processor             | AVX2 | FMA
RAM                                           15.64 GB
Pagefile / Swap                               17.21 GB
Graphics API                                  OpenGL 4.6
Graphics Renderer                             Radeon RX 580 Series (POLARIS10, DRM 3.40.0, 5.11.22-2-MANJARO, LLVM 12.0.1)
GPU Driver Version                            Mesa 21.1.5
Docked Mode                                   [x]
CPU Multicore                                 [x]
Async GPU                                     [x]
Async Shaders                                 [x]
CPU Accuracy                                  Accurate
GPU Accuracy                                  High

I did not find anything wrong in your log file. Please wait for a moderator to assist.

Any mod in use when it crashes?

yes! and it seemed to be resolved deleting the mod.

Put the NSP game file on the SSD storage device, and then use the emulator to open the file to run the game, you can run the game effectively and effectively reduce reading crashes

The emulator will automatically shut down. This problem is crash file by the crash of the saved file. Please wait for the Emulator to update.

Computer specifications

I7 3770
b75 16GB RAM

Post a log file to get help, and you have old CPU.