Contributing to game compatibility

I want to contribute to the game compatibility list, but all I can do seems to be editing the github wiki, which only affects part of the page (below the game description and above the “compatibility” section). What if I want to contribute to other sections??

at the top of the compatibility list is an “Add Game” button. this will take you through the steps for adding new games to the list. Please take special care to fill everything out entirely, or it will not get merged. This is a special web page to help people that don’t know how to use git, but still want to add new games. Every new game is reviewed by the admins before it ends up on the website to ensure quality, so you want to be very precise when filling the form out.

If you need to edit an existing game for parts that aren’t on the wiki, then you need to create a pull request on the compat list github directly.

This isn’t really talked about, since if you don’t know how to use git, it’ll take some work to get used to it to contribute. But if you do know how git works, more often then not, you likely would have found the page and have contributed already :wink:

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So it means that whenever I want to add a new compatibility test report I have to use the “add game” function and fill the entire data of the game?

ps. where do I find the title ID of a game, assuming the rom can be played by Citra?

for test reports, I believe those are planned to be integrated into citra soon. There will be a button inside the menu to submit data straight to the wiki about how well it played and so on. I suggest waiting for that, but if you are impatient, you can edit the test cases in the wiki github directly and submit a pull request.

for new games, yes you need to click the add game button.

to find a title id, you can google search the game name + title id and you’ll find it on a few sites. If you have the game in citra, another way to find it is to launch the game, and then you’ll see a message in the log saying [ 0.894229] Loader <Info> core\loader\ncch.cpp:Load:347: Program ID: 0004000000176F00 for example. The Program ID is the full title id