Controller right joystick

Does anyone know how to map the c-stick to the right joystick of an Xbox One controller? I am using a control scheme I will link at the bottom. At the moment the c-stick is mapped to the dpad and it’s kinda clunky. If anyone knows how to do this I would be very thankful.

Control scheme:

why map the c-stick to the d-pad when you can do a 1:1 representation of the 3DS controls to your joystick? i’m just trying to understand what you are trying to accomplish.

The control scheme I am using is from and it automatically binds the d-pad to the c-stick. I am trying to bind the c-stick to the joystick but do not know how.

For setting analog sticks go to Emulation > Configure > Input, on the circle pad section click on ‘Set Analog Stick’ and follow the instruction, use the left analog stick on your joystick, on the c-stick section do the same but using the right analog stick on you joystick.

you can of course do whatever with each analog config, but the above config makes more sense for most if not all games.

I did exactly what you said, but it still uses the dpad for the c-stick.

i have the same config and it works, on which game does this happen?

I am currently playing Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds

i don’t think this game uses the c-stick, the d-pad on your joystick does nothing?
also citra has some issues on configuring joystick while running a game, re-open citra, reset and reconfigure your joystick and launch your game.

I have now configured it without running the game and now both the dpad and the right joystick do nothing. I will try with a different game that definitely uses the c-stick and if that doesn’t work try a different controller. Do you knnow a game that definitely uses the c-stick?

on the top of my head monster hunter games use for camera controls.