Controller Support, Full Screen, Different Citra Builds?

Ok guys,

So i’m new at this community but recently I discover this new hobby of mine: Make a huge library with a bunch of games all organized!

So I was setting up Emustation, LaunchBox and even find a way to program my controler to start up steam big screen and made my big screen accept and run even ROMS like game cube and stuff.

Besides the hobby, I’m also re-playing games but the old ones i didn`t played in decades. (last one was metal gear solid Twin snakes - same thing as MGS1, but with a lot of amazing stuff hiden in the game)

one thing lead to another and now I’m trying to play Zelda - Ocarine of time for 3DS.

Its actualy working, but I have a few questions to make:

  1. Why there is no controler support?
    I’ve been searching all over the internet and manage to find a version which supports the xinput I have, but it is a old version.
    Why the recent ones don’t have support for the controler (I already read the FAQ`s post and I know there is no support for the controllers, even with this version having)

  2. Is there a way I can put the whole game at full screen?
    I already made the main screen larger, but what is realy bothering me is the window stuff at the top.

  3. There is a better version of the emulator while i can play zelda - ocarine of time withou the bugs?
    the version I have has a problem with the sound (HAve no idea what it is) an there are moments when the fps drops a little. I know the emulator is not perfect or finished yet but according with the expirience of a few of you… is there a version of citra who happens to run Zelda better?

thank you for your time, sry for the long post… sry again about the english… brazilian here… and I realy hope you guys take easy on me… XD

Because the project is open source. AKA, when someone feels like developing something, they develop it. Controller support is being worked on, but in the past it conflicted the code base. It’s being worked on and whenever it’s fully functional, it will be merged and included in a build.

Not as of yet. If you’re on Linux, you can do it (not natively in Citra though). The closest you can get to full screen (natively) is with the Large layout.

Huh? We don’t support unofficial builds, not to mention that unofficial builds use Citra source code that is either broken or hasn’t been merged yet due to it being in an unready state. Please only download from the official Citra website and use the most up to date Nightly or Bleeding Edge build. These builds are the most stable and the most feature full, not to mention they don’t contain copyrighted (illegal) material, nor will they contain malware/viruses.

But in relation to Ocarina of Time, you must be using a very old build, because Ocarina of Time has run nearly flawless in Citra for many, many builds now. Please update to the most recent, official build to make use of all the improvements the developers/contributors have made.

  1. The code for controller/gamepad support has been removed because it has some conflitcts with other codes (the code will only be added again when the creator fix those conflicts). For now, you can use Joy2Key to use any controller with Citra.

  2. No, and there is no one working on this feature now. But this is an open source project, if anyone want this feature to be in the emulator, just learn to code and make it. You can also run Citra with SDL2 (just drag your ROM to the “citra.exe”), this will fill most of the screen (but you will not have any menus to change configurations this way, you must edit them in the sdl2-config.ini file inside the folder “\user\config”).

  3. Ocarina of Time 3D has been working almost 100% for a long time now, if you can’t run the game with good performance, your CPU is not good enough to run it anyway (take a look at what I can run with only a core i3 3.1 GHz here Running 3 games at the same time). Just be sure you’re using the most up do date build.

OK, CPU is fine… i have a i7 second generation (2600 [ Yes I should have bought the 2600k… but I’m just a cheap bastard}) with 3.4 Ghz

And I do know how to code, Specially C# or C++ or those object oriented languages and a bit of assembly (for microcontrolers, but i gess i can use it anywhere) . I will see if I can take a look at the code and put some features that I see fit…

As for the SDL2, well… it fits with what i’m planing on doing so… thats actualy a great tip, TY

And the ocarina of time simulation, to be fair I didn’t even put a FPS metter to measure the frames, but it prob the up to date build problem…

Anyway thank you guys for the help, I really apraciate and once again sorry for the bad english…

2) I use a fre tool to have almost fullscreen, it’s called windowwathcer from airsoft.
You can zoom specific parts of the screen.
I often use the single screen option swapping with the hotkey

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See my Full screen work around thread (just a few threads down). It has both instructions to enter full screen and use a controller. I use steam to launch citra which allows you to map your controls to Xbox, Playstation, or third party controller.

For full screen just head over there and it will answer your questions: Citra Full Screen + Controller [Tutorial]. Unfortunately, not a lot of functionality has been added into Citra natively due to how early in development it is.

I believe the goal so far has been to improve optimization. That being said, the workaround I’ve been using has eliminated all these problems so far.

You may also want to post your specs beyond just CPU (even though that is the most important part) as I have no issues running Zelda Oot and MM on the latest nightly build / bleeding edge version. Other factors can effect performance such as operating system, RAM, Citra Build, and Architecture bit type
CPU: 6700K
GPU: GTX 1070 (matters little in Citra’s department but does help)
OS: Windows 10 Anniversary x64
Build: Citra bleeding-edge-150