Controls and mouse clicking (Fixed version of thread)

Issue: When playing TLOZ Majora’s Mask I cannot pull out my Ocarina, therefore I get stuck on the first fight with Skull Kid. (I also can’t do anything that has to do with the lower screen, other than seeing the map)

System Information:

Operating System: Win 10
CPU: Intel Core i7-6500U CPU 2.50 GHz 2.59 GHz
GPU: Geforce GT(X?) 920MX
Citra Version: Latest, Nightly.
Game: The Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask
Screenshot of Issue: I don’t think this wolud be of help. Plus I can’t take it.

Log: (Can’t upload it now, sorry)

I’ve heard mouseclicking Works, but well I’ve tried it, nothing happened.

Your’e suppose to be clicking the left mouse button on the Ocarina icon at the bottom left corner of the bottom screen.

That’s exactly what I did, about 40 times. I’m not a retard…

No answers? Come on…

Could you record a video via your phone and upload it to YouTube showing the issue?