Controls don't work in Citra for Pokemon Ultra Moon rom?

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There is not really any type of ‘error’ message or issue that is happening at all, however, when I try and play Ultra Moon with Citra Canary or Nightly, the controls don’t work. I’m using a regular keyboard and I’ve already set all my controls. But they don’t work. My friend and his controls work fine, but for me, it doesn’t. I’m simply just stuck on the home screen and i’ve tried everything to progress: nothing. Please help.

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  • Game: Pokemon Ultra Moon
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Is the emulator window active (get focus)?
You need it to be active in order to pass keyboard events to it, aka control it.

If possible, try with a controller. The citra window doesn’t require focus to allow controls using a gamepad. Perhaps this might be your issue?

Ok since nobody has said it yet.
The switch uses the circle pad not D pad for movement.
So to fix the issue you gotta set your movement controls to circle pad. Everything else I think is the same