Convert Pokémon X file from nightly to canary

I’m using Citra nightly an playing pokémon x but I want to change to canary but if I use the same file the game begins new but if I start with nightly the game start at the point I am. Could someone help me please?

Sounds like you made a folder called user where Nightly is. Right click on Citra Nightly shortcut then choose Open file location. You will need to do it twice if you do it from the start menu.

Do you see it?

Yes I see it. What have I to do now?

Well I looked again and I´am using citra-qt but if use Citra Nightly or Canary the game begins from new.

Ok, I assume you pretty much only used this for playing so if you want to move it open user and copy everything to %appdata%\Citra then go back and delete the old user folder.

Now both Nightly & Canary should use the same save file, this is the default :slight_smile:

Could you explain this a little more please?

  1. Do the “open file location” on the shortcuts again so you can see the user folder from before.
  2. Next you need to go to %appdata%\Citra (you can get there easily by copying %appdata%\Citra and then paste it in like “Run”(Windows Key + R) or in the address bar in any folder.
  3. Now go back to where you saw the user folder, open it and copy all folders then paste them into %appdata%\Citra, choose yes that you want to overwrite.
  4. Delete the user folder where Nightly is and both Nightly & Canary will now use AppData.

There is no folder called user.

Sorry I’m confused :confused:

I am at the folder of Citra but there is no folder called user I wanted to say I am at the folder of Citra.

Ok but then both Nightly & Canary should be able to load the same save file because both share the same by default.

Take a screenshot so I can see what folder you are at.

Ok, show me AppData\Local\Citra\nightly-mingw as you said a day ago when you made the thread Canary makes you start at the beginning of the game.

Ok, yeah both should use the same save file. Can you check in-game on both versions and show me the screen before you load your save?

In-game :slight_smile: Start Pokémon X then reach the screen before you load your save file on both Nightly and Canary. Then take a screenshot on each.

Wait so you cannot load on Nightly anymore? In your original post you said you were playing Pokémon X on Nightly.

Yes I am sorry for that i meant I run on citra-qt I am very sorry.