Converting/Running .CIA on Citra?

I really want to play DQM Terry’s Wonderland which i own legally but it is a .CIA file which Citra does not support. Is there a simple way to convert this to a file type that Citra does support? I’ve searched the FAQ and only found outdated tutorials around the web. is this possible? please help

If the CIA is a full ROM with the patch applied we can’t help you, that is not legal. If it somehow works another way you can try to install it with the Install CIA option under file.

it is not a full rom with a patch applied, I have purchased and own the game

But have you dumped the game? Or did you download it?

I have dumped the game using the cartridge i ordered straight from japan, I just want to know if it is possible to convert it from CIA to a compatible file type

If you have followed our game dumping guide, you would have dumped the game as .3ds, not as .cia. CIA games install fine, but Citra can’t detect them yet.

Just dump it this way(assuming you have GodMode9:

^ I also have cartridge of the game.