Crash and fix since today after update yuzu

no problem with yuzu but since today yuzu is updated and since my luigi mansion crash everytime,
do you have an idea ?

Can you get me a log file after the crash? Getting Log Files - yuzu

Thanx for reply
here come my log

Try with multicore disabled at least for the section you are right now.
Alternatively, try with the mods disabled.

mods deleted . crash freeze
multicore desactived . work but very slow

Is it possible de come back previous version ?

as i wrote game worked perfectly before yuzu update

Hear you can find previous Yuzu Mainline versions.

Thank you but there no exe file ? how can i do with ? if i want yuzu 555

They are archived in zip or 7zip for Windows, you need to extract them where ever you want, open Yuzu.exe and play.
Yuzu 555

ok thank’ so it is the same with this version 555
crash at the moment i can play zith game,

Search for another version until you find the one that works, it will take some time to find it.

ok it work,
i have tried with older version and an other save, maybe previous save had a problem
thx for help

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