Crashes and page file problems

Hello all, I’ve been hitting my head against the wall (or desktop in this case) because I wanted to play astral chain, my rig is a i38100 with 16gb ram and a 1050ti. I’ve seen less powerful rigs play this game. The thing is, mine crashes a couple of minutes on. The farthest I got was character creation.
Some people said this emulator needs a large pagefile, right? Crashes are because ram leak?
The thing is, my yuzu is on C: drive, and this drive is only for my OS. So it’s very little on GBs. I want to know, how I can move the directories of yuzu to my D drive, so I can create a large pagefile? Also, my page file is non existent, is this maybe the cause of crashes?
Thanks and sorry for long post. Cheers!!

Edit: I can’t create log file, I’m on mobile. I really think my problem is probably the page file.

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

Anyone? Please? Do you guys understand my situation or made it too confused??

You can use any storage for a page file, even an usb stick or an external hdd. Set a 25000mb page file in one of those:

Thanks for the reply! I asked because I saw on another forum that a guy said the page file actually must be done in the same drive yuzu. But you saying I can do it in some other drive no matter where yuzu is, and it should work?

You can use page file from all partitions C, D, E, etc., I have page file in partition C auto made by Windows and G made by me.

Ok, I will try then. I now see that the system counts ALL the gb given to page file. Like, you can put some in one drive and some in another, and that is a total. Yuzu works with that. Hope I can fix this crashes!!

Ok, the game runs now. But for no more than 15 minutes, and crashes again. There’s 30fps but I also got a LOT of stuttering and just random freezes. One of those was lethal and the program collapsed.

Probably I can’t do anything more at this point right?

Do you have the latest GPU Driver, if not hear it is install the new driver and see if it works.
And have this settings.

Thanks. Yes, im on the last update. I will upload a log now, after the crash. See that please.
You put a vulkan config also, i try it? even being Vulkan?

I am using OpenGL is more stable, and what game you want to play, and try with VSync off and see if it helps.

Astral chain. there, i uploaded a log guys!

Must test it with the new version, when I last played it, it was a little slow and had graphic glitches but no crash.
Yup it is crashing now and still has graphic glitches.yuzu_log.txt (3.6 MB)

Ok, probably i can use an older version of yuzu?

Try one who doesn’t have this.

Ok, i’ve seen a yuzu with an older controller config, those were the ones i saw playing astral chain.

Where i can download older versions??

Edit: sorry, it didn’t loaded the github you attached!!

From hear and you can extract it where you want.

Still you can’t access the site.

Lol i tried Vulkan and it crashed like hell, even my pc freezed like 5 secs there. I’m downloading older versions. My internet is slow…

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Wait I will find the right version, I have internet speed.