Creating a Steam shortcut to launch game to use with Steam Link

Just got to say, I downloaded Citra today and it is absolutely amazing so keep up the awesome work. Would happily donate to the cause to keep it going.

Just having a bit of an issue trying to create a shortcut within Steam to launch Citra, then a game. I have followed in terms of what I have found on forums, specifically this thread:

Creating a game shortcut for Steam

Now, I have no Citra folder in AppData/Local and nothing referencing Updater.exe, so I assume that this is now outdated? I have tried to launch Citra and pass it arguments to no avail and keep getting “Failed to obtain loader” error.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

You are using Nightly or Canary?

I am using Canary v139.

The new command should be:
“C:\Users\your username\AppData\Local\Citra\canary-mingw\citra-qt.exe” “the exact location to the ROM file”

Oh, and for that command to work, you need to install Citra via the installer.

Ah you are a star! I thought you would have to pass a command line argument to Citra via the Steam shortcut but it was just a case of referencing where the citra-qt.exe is listed as well as the game you want to launch.

Thanks once again Hexagon12! :slight_smile: