Curious about Spotpass Data

This is mostly a matter of curiosity. I’ve recently started using Citra to play Fire Emblem with my significant other since I’ve found it more convenient than sharing a 3DS, and I’ve done the reading to understand why Spotpass content currently isn’t available on the system.

That said, I’ve also read that you can get Spotpass content onto a 3DS and then transfer the extdata to Citra to play it. Would it be possible, then, to get Spotpass content onto a 3DS game, pull the extdata, and then dig into it to discern what constitutes that content such that a tool could be built to inject that data into Citra?

I’m not a software engineer so I’m sure I’m miles off as far as technical feasibility, but it’s just something I’ve been wondering about.

Uh. Dumping the data and putting it on citra is… exactly the same thing as what you’re suggesting? You’re being very unclear, I think. If you’re suggesting that citra can somehow snag the spotpass data or pass it to users ourselves, that’s not doable for various reasons, in the first case, and copyright issues, in the second case.