Curious about the effects of geometry shaders

I’m aware that geometry shaders are required to load many graphics on many games. I am also aware that work is being done on documentation regarding the implementation of geometry shaders.

My main question is: Are graphical effects the only importance of geometry shaders. Or does having them allow performance boosts, in say games like monster hunter or other capcom games that make heavy use of geometry shaders? Thanks for any information that can be given. I’ve just been curious about this.

Once geometry shaders are re-implemented, it more than likely will have a negative affect on performance, but will greatly increase Citra’s accuracy.

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geometry shaders = more objects to draw on screen = more work citra has to do = a decrease in performance. in the end it won’t matter much since there is a lot of optimization to be done in the final release of citra that will cancel the impact of geometry shaders

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on this topic what was the last version of citra to have geometry shaders?
I want to try and see what is the difference between haveing and not haveing geometry shaders.

Bleeding edge 86 was the last version to have geometry shaders implemented.

nightly build please,
I can’t install anything on the PC.
so the portable version works best for me.

You can just download the .nupkg file(23.5MB one) rename it to like .zip and extract it like a nightly build; the files are in \lib\net45\ in the archive.