Custom Texture Support

Hello! I am amazed by the work done by the Citra developers this far, and Citra is absolutely one of my favorite emulators now. However, I wonder if custom texture support is something that is being worked on at the moment / soon? I totally understand if that’s not a very big priority right now, but it would be pretty sweet feature and I can’t wait to start re-texture some of my favorite games on the system.

Keep up the great work!

If you have been following our GitHub, you would see that many PRs have been merged that are related to the file system and it’s features. Currently, there is a PR open that allows to install CIAs from Citra itself. Programs, such as SaltySD already work properly on Citra (and game updating through Citra works too!), so if the custom textures would be installed through a CIA patch, then give it a shot and try doing it!

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Really? That’s incredible! Does that support high-res textures as well?

Can’t promise anything, but I think high-res textures should work.

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I’m only familiar with a method that uses Luma itself to inject / redirect to the custom texture(s), specifically in Pokemon Sun/Moon. How would one recreate this effect in Citra? Assuming this is even the correct place to ask about it.

IIRC most patches are in the form of an exefs, it could be as simple as packing the patch into a CIA.

I’ll see if I can’t look into that–it was so long ago that I rejiggered the textures and got the RomFS and ExeFS folders that I’ve forgotten how to dump them already, and that’s just for the physical 3DS. Trying to Homebrew the emulated one? Oof.

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