Customize screen size


does anyone know how to that screen size and layout?



We do not support unofficial builds in here.


my point is will hyrule warriors become playable on citra official builds??? can the devs copy paste the code/fix that the unofficial build did to run hyrule warriors at playable speed??


Not quite. We hold a high standard for Citra’s codebase, and as such, we review all code (which we prefer to be submitted by pull request) before being merged.


dude how do you do that??


If you refer to the screen layout, there’s a setting to do that in the graphic settings.


Where is the setting?


Show me a screenshot of the setting


Graphics tab -> Screen Layout. It’s also in the drop down menu View -> Screen Layout and if you had a look in the General tab for the various hotkeys you will see there is a hotkey for “Toggle Screen Layout” which is bound to F10


can you just send me a screenshot?


Just click on ‘View’ -> ‘Screen Layout’ -> ‘Large Screen’. It doesn’t really need a screenshot as it’s right there. You can see the ‘File’, ‘Emulation’, ‘View’, ‘Multiplayer’, ‘Help’ at the top right?


but it doesnt fit my screen


What resolution are you using on your screen/monitor? How does it currently look like with that layout if you can show with a screenshot.