Daily citra builds gone?

Are you ded? :c
where are the dialy builds they no longer been update how can this happin or is this long due update to come up ples thank you for reading ^~^

edit: sorry not very good with wording stuff…

github for citra https://github.com/citra-emu

… it’s not even been 2 weeks.

There is a technical problem where the changes for bleeding edge are not compatible with the latest development version. It’s being worked on.
Don’t expect too much from updates anyway - the last BE version is probably fine.

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There is no “daily build”, new builds are uploaded when new code is added/changed. As you can see here https://citra-emu.org/download/ , the last nighly build was 3 days ago and the last Bleeding Edge build was 10 days ago.

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oh i see thank you so very much <3