Date and time pokemon

can you change the date and time of citra because I want to catch legendaries which can only be found at different times of the day

The emulated time and date come from your system’s date and time. Just change that on your computer.

that doesn’t work as it is still dark

edit: sorry it does work I did not know you had to close and reopen Citra to make it work. you can close this.

@B3n30 iirc you had opened a PR for this?

Apparently, the game time is 12 hours faster. You should change your PC time.
For example: If it is 1:12PM on your PC it’s gonna be 1:12AM in the game. So change your PC time to 1:12AM so that you can play at 1:12PM in the game.
Updates haven’t been able to fix this issue yet.

That’s a feature of the game… nothing to be fixed there. Pokemon (Ultra) Moon is meant to be 12h ahead of (Ultra) Sun. See

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how do i change the clock to pm or am?

The Time doesnt work i have even waited for the apprpriate time in Pokemon which is 10 AM for Day time and the game didnt chnage too day

are you playin moon/ultra moon by any chance? cuz that games clock is reversed, 10pm is 10am ingame.

Its night time and its Night time irl wtf im playing ultra moon and i have system clock enabled help

I have done this with success and catched legendaries and got megacites in XY. Didn’t tried in Sun and Moon as I still finishing the story.

Forget about touching your OS time, I cannot do that as I have some applications that may complain about it. Citra’s gui has a dialog for this. Go to Emulation->Configure...->System->Clock

Then, change region to same region as your ROM (probably not needed, but do it). Then, change type of clock from system to manual. Set your desired starting hour. The game will start counting time from that value. Remember what others have said, that AM and PM may be shifted in your PokeMon game. Try one, and if it’s not the result you wanted, then try the other.

is that feature ? why they do that

Well, the game is called Pokemon Moon, so GF thought it would be funny to have night in the game when it actually should be day and vice versa.