DBF Wifi ziku kan


Here is my problem, there is a way, in the game to recruit characters in the ziku kan radar (street pass) that uses wifi to work. The more wifi you got, the more chances you get, to find good characters.
So, I was asking myself if I could add false wifi signals or even use a real wifi card to get more signals. I searched in citra files but I didn’t find anything I could mess with.

Is there a way to do such a thing ?

Thanks for reading! (Sorry if I made mistakes, im French be indulgent :)))

(it0 never moves but the first one seems to change every time)

Streetpass is not implemented. Also unofficial builds aren’t supported. We only support builds from the official site.

I wasn’t talking about using streetpass but more of a way to fake it actually.
But anyway, I’m sorry, I should have read the Community Rules (that was just above topics mb)