DBZ Butoden Crashing After Installing DLC

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I launched dbz butoden fine before, but when I installed the dlc it just closes Citra. How do I get rid of the dlc? I’m fine with playing normal.

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Right click on the game then choose for example Open Save Data Location then go back to the title folder(can click on the address bar), the DLC is usually inside 0004008c if it comes from the Nintendo eShop. Some games use their own distribution, Capcom usually does it for example which can be found in extdata instead.

I’m not familiar what this Dragon Ball Z game does it.

Deleting the 0004008c just causes citra to crash whenever I load the game. I restored it and deleted the folder inside but same result. As for extra data, there are many folders and I don’t know which one would the dlc be contained in.

I don’t know if you have EU or US but according to http://www.3dsdb.com/ it should be either with 1696 or 16CD

You should upload a log file when it crashes, do not reopen Citra after it crashes or the log gets cleared so you have to do it again.