"decent" BT adapter

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I’m currently using a USB dongle as BT adapter.
It has a hard time keeping the connection with my joycons.

" Note that for Joycons to work properly, you need a decent Bluetooth adapter that is comfortable with handling 3/4 connections at a time."

Do you have any recommendations for a “decent” BT adapter that is currently available for purchase?

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In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by yuzu. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: Getting Log Files - yuzu

After a quick googling it seems like joycons are class2 BT3.0 devices.

If I purchase a new BT5.0 (or 5.2) adapter, would I be able to benefit from the enhanced connection?

Since I have frequent disconnections of the right joycons (left ones seem stable) as soon as the distance is greater than 1m, what I’m looking for is stable connection for 4 joycons at a time over at least 5m.

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I just received my new Baseus BA04 BT adapter (BT5.1, manages up to 7 devices AFAIWT). Unfortunately, I end up having more problems than with my previous BT adapter.

What I mean is that I can pair all 4 joycons alright but as soon as I restart the PC, only 2 (sometimes only 1) of the joycons will then successfully connect to the PC (the other 2-3 will remain as “paired”).

Then I need to “uninstall” all joycons and restart the pairing process. This is not a viable option, obviously. :sob:

Google led me to that video

The guy claims joycons will not work properly with BT5.0 adapters (and above) since the switch is BT4.0
This doesn’t make much sense to me since AFAICT joycons are BT3.0 anyway and BT adapters are supposed to be downward compatible… But that’s what I’m experiencing…

Please let me know if you have any advice or suggestion.


Someone in the comments says it’s not relateed to the BT version per se but rather to the chipset driver (realtek being suboptimal).

My BT adapter uses the generic BT driver from windows, though…

Reverting to my Targus BT4.0 adapter (broadcom driver) I get all 4 joycons to connect properly again. However, the range is still too short (1-2m max, then I get random connection drops).

I suspect this is because I have interference from the BT from my TV ( I cannot turn it off since the remote is connected to the TV via BT).

This sucks… big time!

I found this page on the website of the manufacturer (Baseus, BT5.1 dongle):

It contains a link (BA04 Driver) to a driver/app called BRlink that completely replaces the windows BT management. This fixes the problem of joycons being unable to connect after reboot.

Unfortunately, it also causes input lag to the point that games are very difficult/painful to play :sob:

So back to square one with the BT4.0 dongle