Decrypt 9: 3ds SD Card not enough space

So I am trying to dump a .cia file from my Pokemon X cartridge and it says I don’t have enough space on my SD card, even though I clearly do. I checked the amount of space on my 3ds and on the decrypt9 page (on my 3ds) and the numbers show correctly. Please help.

probably game is 4 gb, and dont fit fat32?

Not its about 2 giga byts

  1. Don’t dump as a cia file. It won’t work with Citra. Make sure your’e following the cartridge or installed titles dumping guide.
  2. If your SD card is 2GB, then chances are the dump won’t fit as Pokemon X is approximately 1.7GB and the actual SD card size is slightly less than 2GB. Try using a larger SD card like 4GB.

I solved the issue, I didn’t have enough free space for the decrypt9 to operate, thx guyz