Desperately need help with a 3840x2160 layout

I tried asking about this on reddit and was told to try here. After doing some searching I was unable to find exactly what I need, so if anyone knowledgeable about custom layouts with access to a 4K screen can help me out, I’d really appreciate it. I’m very new to this.

I’m trying to set it up on my 4K screen (resolution is 3840x2160) but none of the default layouts really work for me. The one I like the most is “Large Screen”, but when I use that the bottom screen is far too small to see properly at the distance I sit. I love having the top screen being big, but I also need to see the bottom.

I’ve been doing as much research into custom layouts as I can and I understand how to edit them, I just have no idea what numbers I should be using. I just want the bottom screen to be a bit bigger so it’s easier to see, while still having the top screen being the dominant one. It’d obviously be a bit smaller to make room for the bottom screen, but whenever I try to edit I always end up with the bottom screen overlapping the top one or the top screen being stretched out. I found this post:
and they seem to have the same idea as me, but their numbers don’t fit my screen, it leaves the bottom half of my monitor a black bar. I’ve experimented more with the numbers since I posted this to reddit and I just can’t seem to figure it out. I’ve had the bottom screen stretch all the way to the top, the top screen be too wide, and usually way too much black bar empty space surrounding them, not making use of my large monitor.

I guess it’s a long shot but has anyone made any custom layouts for a 3840x2160 screen or would have any idea how to get something similar to what I want? Any help is greatly appreciated. I’m dying to get started with Citra but I just can’t get comfortable with my screen size. Thanks for your time!

In order for us to provide better support, we need to see the log generated by Citra. This guide will walk you through how you can obtain the log file: How to Upload the Log File.

there’s been many threads about this, use the search feature and you may find useful info on how to setup your layout. for instance:

i yet have to test it properly. read first to get an idea.

so you have to think how big each screen should/can be based on how much both of them fit into a 4K layout. for instance, if you want your top screen to be 75% of the screen, you get this value (2880x1620):

imagine your screen as 4 vertices, one for each corner, we begin drawing from the
top-left vertice, we provide x and y position, the top-left corner starts at 0x0.

custom_top_right=2880 (imagine as the top-right vertice)
custom_top_bottom=1620 (…)

now there are more 4 vertices for the bottom screen. you can now picture in your head that
we occupied 2880x1620 pixels beginning from the top-left and moving to right-bottom.
so the right-bottom pixels (960x540) is completely available for drawing.

let’s draw the bottom screen beginning from the right-corner of the top screen:
custom_bottom_left=2881 (just one pixel to the side)
custom_bottom_top=1080(since the screen total height is 2160, let’s draw from the middle)
custom_bottom_right=3840 (all the way to the right)
custom_bottom_bottom=2160 (all the way to the bottom)

but you need to consider the aspect ratio, mentioned on the link above.
you can convert these number 2880x1620 (16:9) to 5:3.
5/3=1.666666666666667 * 2880 = 1728
same for the bottom screen:
4/3=1.333333333333333 * 960 = 720

use these calculations to create your desirable layout.

when making changes in the config file, assume you are making changes to xxxxx, remember deleting the xxxxx\default lines too, or Citra would restore the default settings.

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