Developing a NTR or similar NTR bot for on Citra. Is NTR support still coming or is there something else to read Ram over network stream?

I do not know if anyone remembers, but on the regular 3ds we have the Pokémon NTR bot, currently I am trying to develop something similar that can be used with the Citra…

Since the bot was abonded a very long time ago and I just cannot contact the original owner, I have decided to revive the project on my own for Citra. The bot uses NTR and input redirect to work on the 3DS.

However I have heard and read that Citra will not get any NTR support. Is this true or not?

If this is true has anyone else found a way to read the ram and data of Citra? Just asking here, if not I have to find this out completely on my own then.

Hi, currently this isn’t possible with Citra and it isn’t something we have planned to add at the moment. As Citra is open source, if you know how to implement this here or know someone who does, we’ll be very grateful for that.

At the moment, you’d be better off using PKHeX to modify your Pokémon games.