Devil survivor overclocked, black screen issue

So, when I start up Devil survivor overclocked, the screen shows the Atlus logo, and then when it’s time for the intro cinematic both screens are just black. However I can still hear the voice of the opening. Any fixes?

You have to wait until the intro plays 2 times, then it should start up.

Huh, it worked. Feel kinda stupid about it lol.

Thank you.

Hello. I am now using the Citra Canary HEAD-8b5dcda build
and the music runs for 3+ times and still continues onward with a black screen. The game never loads anymore.
Much older builds of Citra never had this issue. But around this time in July/August, the build I was using to test DeSu OC had already featured this problem. Now, a few months later, the problem has gotten worst and it seems that the game never loads.

Can you please bisect what was the last Citra version that doesn’t have the bug?

I don’t know what the last version it worked on is but I just tried the nightly and it’s not working there anymore either

Can confirm issue mentioned by Randall_Danger. Canary HEAD-4514368 and Nightly HEAD-c3c684c are unable to pass the intro in Devil Survivor. Listened to the intro song 5 times (it’s pretty catchy!) and the emulator never cleared it.

canary 462f9dd & nightly 93cca23 , issue still exists, also you can reset game while video is “playing” but can not get passed the black screen. (L+R+Select+Start)
sat at 1000fps on canary for about an hour, endless loop continued.

Progress on this issue can be tracked here and here.

Config= sistem=advanced=change cpu clock speed to 50%.

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Ironic how you have to underclock the emulator to play overclock