Different fps at when i open my pc and after a while passes i open my computer. Help please!

Hello, I started using citra a week ago. And it is going pretty well so far. Except for one problem with FPS, first of all, no there aren’t any problems with my pc specs, they are pretty well. But anyways, here is what i need help with; when i first open my pc, the games that usually run at 60fps, run at 30fps. But then, after a while passes while my computer is open, then i try running these games again, they run at 60fps. How do I get them to run at 60fps right after i open my pc? Help please.

You probably are using a laptop. Go to the power options in the Windows control panel and select the High Performance mode.

Yes i am using a laptop, but the solution that you came up with didn’t work. Any other ideas?

try disabling programs on startup in the task manager and try to disable services on msconfig. Also try killing all the programs before running citra, especially the cpu intensive ones.

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You shouldn’t disable any services. They are important for windows to run normally.

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yeah i tried those before, but it never worked for some reason that i dont know :confused: i also get the same problem with dolphin. Do you guys have any other sollutions?

You can use task manager to see if an application other than Citra is using up system resources and act from there.

im telling you guys that it isn’t the problem. But finally i found a sollution. Somehow my pc’s performance works different when im charging it and it is fully charged. When im charging it it works on 60fps and when im not it works at 30fps. thank you all for trying to help!

FYI Setting your power options would have also resolved this.