Digimon World Re:Digitize Can you play?

Digimon World Re:Digitize Can you play?

I would like to know it too…

If the game is not in the compatibility list just try it.

Make sure you have dumped the game correctly

Hi, yes the game is playable. The game runs great and the only issue is the movie cutscene.
I’m using 100% clock percentage all the time, and the clock percentage 25% are only useful for the movie cutscene. Below is the method I use to play it perfectly.

A. There’s not much movie cutscene in this game, so set 100% clock percentage and skip all the cutscene as you can watch the cutscene in YouTube.
B. Or (in 100% clock) you save the game before the movie cutscene, then set as 25% clock speed and load game to watch cutscene. After finish the cutscene, set back to 100% clock and load the game to skip the cutscene.