Disk Scratching?

So, when I run any of the games that I have for the YUZU emulator, my disk drive starts making scratching noises, but not for anything else, such as steam games. My YUZU folder is on my original drive not my new one, should I move the folders over to the new one to possibly fix it (and if so how?) or would that just move the problem to the other disk. I have not changed anything recently so I’m unsure of why this problem has started, and still not completely sure if its a YUZU only problem but as of right now that’s the only time is happens so I thought to come here for help.

Do you have an nvidia gpu?

Yes, I have not been hearing good things about Nvidia, but it’s been working good until now

nvidia gpu’s are perfectly fine for yuzu. It’s just a specific setting in this emulator that causes some nvidia gpu’s to chirp as if you stuffed crickets inside your pc.

Check this and possibly play with your nvidia gpu control panel power management mode.

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thank you so much, this fixed the problem perfectly. don’t know why it only started now but it works fine now, so thx.

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