DLC on Citra - SMT IV

Hello, I have a question, that I not fully understood from another topic (Does Citra support DLC content?), it’s possible to play DLC content on Citra in any ways? For example, it’s possível to simple dump the DLC file and play the DLC with Citra Emulator? I already played the game (Shin Megami Tensei IV) using Citra emulator, but, to ‘‘complete’’ the game is necessary to play the DLC part, because they are the real challenge (super boss) and the fact that I don’t do that bothers me. So, it’s possible to acquire the DLC part and play using my already beaten save files? Because I don’t own a 3ds, but I can borrow from a friend, if possible.

as far as I know, u cant,
as most of the time the DLC adds to the game or unlocks data in the game, as such it cant run on its own, u can patch the main game with the DLC file and play, but coming from someone who wants to play DLC too,
it is not worth the effort.
the thread u linked has a youtube vid showing how to patch the main file with the DLC.

note, this is based on the thread u linked, if there have been updates after that, then I am not aware.

That thread is outdated. Updates and DLCs can be dumped as standard CIA files and installed to the emulated SD card with Citra. Updates will work with Citra though there is an issue with games not detecting DLCs.

So, it’s possible for me to borrow a 3ds and do the process, dump the DLC file and finish the game WITH the DLC content using the Citra emulator, or I need necessarily to have a 3ds to play the game with DLC? It’s my biggest doubt, the possibility to play on my PC or not.

DLCs don’t quite work with Citra right now. Games don’t detect them and yes you’ll need a 3DS with CFW to dump your own DLCs.

I see. Thank you both for your replies!

Is There A Way To Patching DLCs To Games That Doesn’t Involving Going to Taobao to Browse For An Second-handed 3DS? 'Cause I Don’t Have An 3DS At Monent,I’m Asking Because I Wanna Know About The DLCs Of Metal Max 4

i haven’t heard of anyone successfully patching DLC into a ROM. You will need a 3DS anyway to dump your installed DLCs.

hello, I’m French so sorry in advance if all is not understandable.
I can not extract the dlcs from mh4u even using checkpoint on my 3ds.
when I launch the game no quests have been added while it is files stored on my real SD card.
I followed the citra tutorial on extracting additional data.
Do you have an idea?? I thank you in advance.

DLCs are dumped with GodMode9 in 0004008c directory.

What guide are you referring to?

I referred to the following tutorial : https://citra-emu.org/wiki/dumping-extra-data-from-a-3ds-console/
I could not find the file 0004008c on godmode9.

Keep in mind that guide is for extra save data, not DLC. All Monster Hunter games save to extra data instead of normal save data.

DLC is installed to the SD card so it should be in SYSNAND SD -> title -> 0004008c and search inside there.

when i go into godmode9-> sysnand SD-> title i only have 0004000 file.
what causes this?
My game is on a game cartridge and not on the console, the problem may come from this ?

SYSNAND SD should be the A drive.


Unfortunately, I have only this in Sysnand SD-> title

It appears that you don’t have any DLCs installed.


The game asked me for an update and after that, I have a new file in Godmode9. Is that it?

I tried and it’s not that, But I know it is possible because on this video of Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/r/MonsterHunter/comments/85re0p/mh4u_running_in_citra_the_3ds_emulator/

You can see that the person chosen an event quest. These quests are downloaded to the 3DS game and installed on the SD card. I currently have 118 event quest. I would love to know the trick to install these quests on Citra.
Thanks in advance and thanks for the time you have already given me.

From what I was told, event quests are downloaded and saved to extra data. If you already have those unlocked in your 3DS, dumping and exporting the extra data should give you access to them in Citra.

OK, so I use Checkpoint or godmode? or another.

What file should I put these quests in?