DLC on Citra - SMT IV


Checkpoint. If you have EU version then it’s the 00001261 folder in extdata. Be careful about overwriting card1, card2 and card3 files directly because you will break the ability to save the game if you do. You will need to delete the files first(Citra side) then just place the ones from your 3DS in there. PS those files are only compatible with your character(s), otherwise bad things happen. They represent character 1, 2 and 3 and it stores equipment sets, guild quests pool etc.

The quests themselves are quest1, quest2, quest3, quest4 and quest5 files those are safe to just overwrite.


I’m really sorry but I don’t understand too much. First, when I extract my game from checkpoint I have only one file User1 and system and it appears in save.
As you can see on the Screenshot (in french) :

Are these two files correct? And if so, where I have to put them exactly?
And what files should I delete or replace?


That is the save data, user1 is the save file for character slot 1. system contains settings like language, whether you activated CPP or not. Partially of the DLC is stored there as well like guild card backgrounds, titles. You need to dump extdata, look carefully in Checkpoint to where how to do that(there is a label).

For those two files in the screenshot just right click on the game in Citra and choose “Open Save Data Location” then just simply copy-paste.


Dude, you’re a genius. I had not seen the Extdata function of checkpoint…
Now, which file I have to change in Citra?