DLCs in Fire Emblem Fates

I’m new to this community, and I’ve been searching for methods to get the Map Packs for FE Fates, but there are many posts that say it is not possible to play the DLC’s and there are others that said it could be done. I got tired of searching, so I decided to ask personally. Is there a way?

It is currently possible to use DLC in Canary. However, it requires redumping all the DLC using GodMode9, as there was an error in the old process. While the fix had been merged, a new version isn’t released yet. You can of course build GodMode9 yourself & use it, or use this build:


Do you have a guide or something on how can I put the dlc’s in the game?
Sorry if I misspell something, english isn’t my native language.

Dump as standard CIA, install using Citra. That’s it.