Do you need to manually OC your CPU for Citra?

Hi guys, I got a new PC recently and one big reason was for emulation.

I got a i7 8700 non k. But it can turbo boost high, however will citra trigger than turbo boost and benefit from it? Or must I do it manually

Because in Ultra Sun I lag in dual battles, wondering it OC will fix that.

Yes you can(sorry for misinfo), but you don’t need to, unless you want high speeds. You need to overclock it manually.

Citra is not responsible if you get a dead chip, so proceed with caution.

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You can’t overclock a non-K series chip.

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So if Turbo boost doesn’t automatically enable with Citra, it’s pretty much needed for a k chip if you wanna do what I’m proposing

Turbo Boost is not what you think it is. Turbo Boost allows your CPU to temporarily increase the frequency when load demands it.

Two caveats, the first is that its not instantaneous, it generally increases frequency by set amounts as it needs it, and will eventually reach its peek boost frequency. This happens fairly quickly, but if you wanted it for those few hitches every now and then, chances are the hitches have already occurred by the time the boost kicks in by any meaningful degree.

The second is that the CPU cannot maintain this peek performance for very long. The idea is to provide an extra boost to quickly finish a demanding task. So you are not going to be able to get a nice consistent boost in performance in a demanding game.

Turbo Boost is not something thats controlled by software (although your CPU vendor can provide software to tweak its settings), it kicks in automatically when the load demands it. Its not something that Citra needs to enable.

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