Do you still need an actual console to run Citra?

It’s been 14 months since I touched Citra due to it’s slow development.
Well does Citra requires 3ds files first before booting?
Well I have an actual console (New2DS), so do I still need to dump those files first?

This might be irrelevant but requiring an real console to run Citra is a good piracy measure for a developing emulator since it’s a bit unfair for users who bought the console just to play them on the PC since some users leak those files somewhere in the shady area so people the run it without paying the hardware.

Some of these files have gotten open source variants like the shared font.

You still need a 3DS to dump your purchased games. It’s not really about fairness, if Citra would provide Nintendo’s copyrighted material the project would get shutdown. A DMCA letter would just be around the corner.

Yes I know, they can’t provide some material that Nintendo owns, so users need to provide their own.
Yet, you need to buy the console first which is not a problem for anyone in this community.

It’s not a hit & run emulator, which I like.