Do you think i could run pokemon sun/moon

Im very new here and ive been on pcpartpicker for like hours trying to decide what cpu i should get. its between an i5 or an i3 basically. ive heard somethings about how cirta only uses 1 core so if i got the i5 would that be a waste of cores? i want an i3 with high ghz but only 2 cores or an i5 with 4 cores but less ghz. I will be wanting to play pokemon sun at full speed or close enough to where its playable like on the 3ds. so what should i get an i3 or an i5?

neither?. how about a 2ds because it’s cheaper (very cheap at this point) or you should actually have the console to dump the game anyway.

anyway to answer your question…idk there no bar set for citra’s performance requirement. you will have to test most things yourself. but i got myself a core i5 7600 non k (built it for a gaming use not specifically for citra, AGAIN don’t build your system for a single software use) and i get 100% speed and the lowest being around 65% (according to the profiler anyway).

that is just my personal experience, don’t take my word for anything.

NEVER build a PC for an work in progress emulator. You don’t know what parts to buy, we don’t know how much performance you can gain in the future (or even if your PC will have support to something new included on Citra in the future). Build a PC that meet your needs, if you like to play games, build based on that. For now, only higher CPU clocks are important for good performance on Citra (and even with the best CPU in the world you’ll not be able to play lot’s of games at a decent speed). The only hardware requeriments for Citra are 64 bits support and OpenGL 3.3 support (that could be dropped in favor of Vulkan in the future, no one knows…).

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Please, just please, don’t get a CPU just for Citra. This emulator is just not optimized enough now. The thing is that Citra will get optimized more, so users could play with decent framerates on older systems with OpenGL 3.3 .

Or if you really want to buy a CPU (but not just for Citra), buy the i3-7100. It has a better single core performance than most of today’s CPUs. Has Hyper-Threading (2 cores, 4 threads) and could be paired with a decent GPU.

EDIT: Kinda ninja’d by @RavenHome, because they didn’t specifically said that they don’t have the 3DS. Why should they buy 2 consoles?

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okay thanks. i do have a 3ds btw

yea i dont want to buy it just for citra, i also want to play dolphin emu, ds emu, gba emu, gb emu, n64 emu, nes emu, snes emu, and ps1 emu, and gta5, and bo3.

Yeah your right. i gues i should buy a pc for a in progress emulator.

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