Does anyone know what the problem with PKMN X/Y is?

As most of you know, Pokémon X & Y run very strangely on Citra (no music, very slow, missing textures, crashes etc.). I’m not asking anyone to abandon what they are doing currently and out all their work into fixing these games, but I was just wondering if anyone actually knows why they don’t work properly in Citra, considering OR/AS, S/M and US/UM run almost flawlessly.

If someone knew what the issue is, it would have been already fixed.

A dev tried to figure out what the actual issue is by going even deeper, but they gave up.

I thought the issue was not supporting the AIFF format (which explains why most of the audio is missing), or is that something else unrelated to XY?

No, that’s a well circulated piece of misinformation, the evidence points elsewhere
new hardware tests say that it is plausible


Ok thanks for clarifying that.