Does anyone play inazuma eleven go chrono stone thunderflash? I would like to ask a favour

just started this game and i would like to ask that did anyone have a save file for tezcat and vladimir? i heard that this two players are only in dlc =(

:sob: excuse me… miss yu can you tell me the whole title of the INAZuMa game i would like to buy that on japan soil next month with my two older brothers KIM & harold PARK :sob: u can find the name here and btw im a boy xD

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Did you got the save file for tezcat and vladmir? I do have a wildfire version with them but when I try to trade players the game says ‘your partner hasn’t meet the requirements for tezcat’. I don’t know exacly what requirements it’s talking about. Maybe the downloadable content? If so, I can’t download dlc through citra so… D:

To dump DLC and Updates, use this guide and install the results through File -> Install CIA...