Does Citra support DLC content?

EDIT: Citra finally supports DLCs in its latest builds!

Hi, I want to ask if Citra supports DLC if yes how do u dump the DLC with the normal game file or do u do something else?
(note this is for fantasy life)

citra currently does not support dlc, not in the way the 3ds does it at least.

you can however patch dlcs and updates directly into the rom and it will work with citra but that would require for you to unpack the game, manually patch it and then rebuild it.

you can find a guide here

As of the moment, nope. However there’s some work arounds, such as combining the game’s cia with the patch.

It’s a bit complicated since it’s similar to how hacked Roms are made. I would give you a link but this is a gray area as the same tutorial could be used for illegal stuffs.

For more info refer to:

thanks, I am a blank when it comes to programming so I think I will wait for it to be supporting.
thanks for the help anyway.

The game has to be a 3ds file or else it won’t work.

Did anyone actually test this with cia DLCs? When I extract for example the Fire Emblem Awakening DLCs as a CIA bundle I get:

  • HeaderNCCH1.bin and HeaderNCCH2.bin
  • DecryptedManual.bin
  • DecryptedDownloadPlay.bin
  • a lot of DecryptedApp.%number%.%randomNumbers%

Is this kind of output even valid?

I read the Citra Progress Report - 2017 Q4,
based on that, it seems like DLC is now supported,
can anyone please give me a step by step guide on how to play fantasy life with DLC,
I have the DLC .cia and the main game .cia,
I have been playing on a decrypted file so I will also need a guide on how to copy a save file too.
last but not the least I tried it on my own and I just ended up with unwanted cia installed on Citra, so a guide for removing cia would help a lot too.
I would upload the files I have been using but that seems against the rules.
please do help!
thank you in advance.

DLC still isn’t supported. It installs correctly, but it doesn’t work yet

the DLC installs but does not interact with the main game.
and as the DLC, in this case, is just a key to unlock data that is in the main game…
is there any program to “patch” the main game with the DLC?
I remember there being programs for GBA and NDS that u just download, run, set the main file, set the subfile, hit start/go and then the program does the rest.
is there anything like that out there?

Use HackingToolKt3dd

I googled it and downloaded it…
now, how do I use it?
I have no clue how this works and will need a step by step guide, please.

I made a guide for merging updates, so DLC may not work. I assume it’s similar, so here’s a small guide I made. Make sure to use version 5.7

is it possible to use it without installing the setup?
cos no way my father is letting me install it.

Unless you can code the program yourself…

o well,