Does not connect to rooms

Service.Nvnflinger core\hle\service\nvnflinger\buffer_queue_producer.cpp:Disconnect:766: still connected to another api (cur = 0 req = 2)

NetworkInfo is not valid 16587

Faced with such a problem, we wanted to play with a friend. In one Gp DX game, everything was fine during the day, they played calmly. Then they went out and returned an hour later, as a result, writes connection errors and does not look for a room. How to fix it? Or wait for a fix?

Same issue, have you found a fix?

Considering neither of you have provided a log that would actually explain this I’m tempted to just close issue.

My bad, here’s the log from then

you’re using a very old yuzu. Update that and your gpu drivers.

You’re also only using base game of smash which won’t get you very far. Dump your files properly from console. Click and follow this Getting Started