Does someone has a pokemon mystery gates to infinity/ moon save file (during main story)?(spoils)

Hi, i lost my saves due to reinitialization of my computer and i don’t want to do the whole game again.
So i was wondering if anyone could share his save files. I’m looking for those :

Pokemon mystery gates to infinity : axew (starter) thepig (Partner) , I left the story after being beaten by kyurem in cinematic , thepig and emolga are on the hill with emolga using the plates.(it’s okay if it’s a little before or after this part) I don’t care about the pokeden.

Pokemon moon (in french) : 3rd male character (from left to right), 3rd island (ula-ula) road 16. (it’s okay if it’s the beginning of 3rd island)
team : incineroar (starter) (if possible with enough happiness to heal status, resist with one HP,…), lycanroc , wishiwashi, ribombee , togedamaru, mimikyu (all lvl 30+).

(yes, i know i’m asking for a french save game file on an English forum , i don’t need it for PMD because it uses citra’s language)

Just a little specific with those requests…
Who even picks Axew?

Might be faster to play from scratch than wait for a save file.

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Ok forget pokemon moon but i’m still looking for gates to infinity.