Doubt about the page

I was wondering if the username on the citra community page could be changed.

If you mean your tag, then yes. Simply click on your profile picture in the top right of the forum page and select the person icon. Then click on Preferences. You should be able to see your Username there with a pencil icon next to it. Click on the pencil icon to change your username.


I don’t get to edit it.

What exactly do you mean? Are you unable to see the edit button or does the edit button not work?

I don’t see the edit button.

Ah yea, my bad. I just found out only moderators can change nicknames.
As such, if you want to request to change your username to something, post it here and I can change it for you.

Can you change my name to Kirbo1997?

I changed it to Kirbo1997 :+1: