Doubt in pokemon

Hello, I’m playing pokemon (X) on citra pc, and I auto-exchanged a Haunter to evolve it into a Gengar, after that I wanted to transfer a pokemon, which had a pokemon game (black2) to (X), after I opened my saved game from (X) I had my Gengar as illegal, to verify it again, I exchanged a Magneton and it came out illegal, is there a legal way to exchange pokemons? in citra pc

hola, estoy jugando pokemon (X) en citra pc, y me autointercambie un Haunter para evolucionarlo a un Gengar, tras eso me queria pasarme un pokemon, que tenia una partida de pokemon (negro2) a (X), tras abri mi partida guardada de (X) tenia mi Gengar como ilegal, para verificarlo de nuevo, me intercambie un Magneton y me salio ilegal, ¿hay una manera legal para intercambiar pokemones? en citra pc
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My best guess is that the ownership (trainer ID) of the pokemon that was transferred doesn’t match the the current owner (your current trainer ID). Since you transferred this from another game, and thus another trainer. PKHeX gives you some idea of what the problem is by pressing the red exclamation triangle to the right of the Options tab (make sure to have your pokemon selected first, like you have in the screenshot).

Though if the information it gives you is a bit cryptic, the question could be better answered by the folks over at project pokemon. They’re a lot more informed than I am.


the community you are talking about is this
what you measure to select and press the red triangle I get these errors.
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I have a theory, and if I play another version and in another game as pokemon (Y) you can solve the second error, even so I have doubts with the first error, which is unable to match an encounter from the original game.

la comunidad que hablas es esta
lo que medices de selecionar y presionar el triangulo rojo me sale estos errores.
tengo una teoria, y si juego otra version y en otra partida como pokemon (Y) podres solucionar el segundo error, aun asi tengo duda con el primero error, el cual es incapaz de igualar un encuentro del juego de origen.

Yes. That’s also where PKHeX hosts its files and its support pages.

I’m afraid I’m not qualified to confirm or deny your suggestions. Like I said, it’s better to ask over at Project Pokemon’s PKHeX page for support.